The Rule of Seven

We believe stronger relationships with customers and employees are the key to business growth.

Smart Advocacy is Smart Business.

When it comes to advocacy, we bring more to the table than just about anybody. More experience. More depth. More creativity. More strategy. More flexibility. Our 15+ years of experience working with consumer, employee, and customer advocates has honed a particular brand of advocacy focused on improving competitiveness, increasing loyalty, and accelerating revenue growth.

Our Story.

Seventh Echo was created to solve challenges that nearly every company struggles with, regardless of size or success: limited customer references that become fatigued because they are tapped too often, the lack of fresh and relevant case studies, a lack of steady customer input across the organization that creates a myopic view of what customers need, and a distinct lack of customers advocating for the company.

Seventh Echo is a consulting firm focused on helping companies create and activate customer advocates to help fuel growth. We are a result of our founder, Patrick Rooney, struggling with these exact challenges. Having developed an effective approach to creating raving fans, he wanted to help other companies do the same. And so, Seventh Echo was born.

How Are We Different?

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"Business leaders intuitively know that strong customer relationships are essential to success but many haven't made it a strategic imperative. Those that have tend to have faster growth rates and higher profitability. We can help with that."

Patrick Rooney, Founder & CEO

Our Values.

ADAPTABLE to continuous change and committed to creatively solving problems to vexing challenges.

ACCOUNTABLE to our colleagues, clients, peers, and ourselves to ensure each other's success.

OUTCOME-FOCUSED over process obsessed with an unrelenting drive for excellence.

OPEN & EMPATHETIC to new ideas and different perspectives, constant learning, fearless listening, and relentless optimism.

About Our Founder.

Patrick Rooney

Patrick Rooney founded Seventh Echo with the mission to help companies realize the untapped potential of customer and employee relationships. He has built a career of challenging the status quo and has focused that drive to develop deep experience in advocacy of all flavors. He co-founded Zocalo Group, a word-of-mouth and social media firm that helped companies find their advocates and give them reasons to share and recommend. He then founded QUEsocial, a technology company focused on employee advocacy to give companies the tools to motivate and enable their employees to share their love of work. His work has been widely recognized and has received numerous awards for industry leadership.

Patrick lives in Northfield, IL with his wife and three children. You can often find him in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes, busy with any number of sports, or tinkering in the family garden.