The Rule of Seven

Customer Advocacy = Measurable Business Outcomes.

(That's what we do.)

We shape and validate every step of the customer advocacy journey.

By mapping your advocacy program to tangible business outcomes, we give you the tools to continue improving.

We translate individual NPS into advocate identification and opportunities to save client relationships.

We convert Customer Advisory Board feedback into product insight, marketing and customer service insight.

We transform anecdotal customer stories into sales and marketing content your teams can share.

  • Accelerate revenue growth and improve margins
  • Speed the sales cycle while lowering costs
  • Improve customer retention
  • Gain feedback and insights to guide product development, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing, customer success, delivery and other customer touch-points that make or break success
  • Expand your prospect pool

We solve the full equation.

Customer Advocacy = (NPS + CAB) * VoC * CX

While most customer advocacy programs focus on one piece of the equation, Seventh Echo brings them all together to deliver outcomes driven customer advocacy.

Start approaching customer advocacy as an important business driver. Start measuring advocacy against meaningful, tangible business outcomes. Start using a measurement tool that ties activity to outcomes, and wrings out the fluff and soft metrics that don't tell you much. Start using the Customer Advocacy Index.

Quarterly Metrics

Customer Advocate (CA) Index

  • Average cost of customer acquisition (% of revenue)
  • Average margin
  • NPS
  • Customer Advisory Board Index
  • Customer testimonials
  • Customer case study
  • Retention/loyalty
  • Number of reviews
  • Customer referrals
Quarterly Metrics

Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Index

  • Incremental revenue/CAB companies
  • Incremental revenue/overall customers
  • Retention/CAB companies
  • Referrals (% of CAB providing)
  • Revenue influenced
  • Case studies
  • Referenceability

We meet your team where they are.

We can build the foundation for a Customer Advocacy growth engine, set you up for success and help you drive the program. Or we can simply hand you the keys to manage. Whatever works for you, works for us.

Customer Advocacy is important for all companies, but especially so for companies that need to address specific challenges:

Spark Organic Growth

Every company hits a revenue plateau at some point, whether it’s at $5 million, $15 million or $50 million. We help you tap into your current customer base to help fuel growth faster, less expensively and more profitably than simply focusing on net new logos.

Accelerate Venture-Backed Growth

We help VC-backed companies put the pedal to the metal by harnessing the growth opportunities within their current customer base, creating a powerful Customer Advisory Board, creating a case study library and driving referrals and recommendations.

Reduce Customer Churn

Replacing lost revenue is not only expensive and time-consuming but also a signal of potentially larger business issues. We help reduce churn and build customer loyalty to not only keep revenue but grow it.

Drive Competitive Differentiation

Customers are more demanding and have more options than ever, meaning you need to constantly up your game. This means not only keeping a pulse on customer satisfaction, but also getting a steady stream of insights and feedback from them to inform and shape what and how you go to market.

Tap into your biggest competitive advantage today.

Learn how to build a sustainable customer growth engine.

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A typical B2B company has an optimal relationship with fewer than 1 in 7 of its customers.