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Successful Customer Journeys Need Seasoned Tour Guides.

We pave the way to great customer relationships that lead to powerful customer stories.

Seventh Echo helps create happy customers and brings their stories to life.

Assess. Create. Activate. Measure. Manage.

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Quickly identify and organize the right customers as advocates.


Create stronger customer relationships, better understand their needs and gain valuable feedback.


Craft and articulate a stronger brand story through better customer stories.


Activate customers as advocates with a clear path to growing your current footprint.


"Within two months we began to convert detractors into raving fans. Aside from being a great boost for our team, it helped us prioritize new product functionality and brought better clarity to our value. We could not have done this without Seventh Echo."

Debbie McGrath, CEO /

The most successful companies are serious about Customer Advocacy.

What grade do you give your Customer Advocacy?


Find & Nurture Customer Advocates

1.1 Find Your Advocates

"Would you recommend us?" With this simple yet powerful question, you can identify your advocates as well as dissatisfied customers who may represent at-risk revenue. Seventh Echo will help you measure customer satisfaction, identify advocates, gauge loyalty/turnover risks, flag unhappy customers and give you the chance to proactively course correct.

1.2 Give Customers a Voice: Customer Advisory Board

Think of your Customer Advisory Board as a "Customer Board of Directors" tasked with helping you succeed. We work with you to create a Customer Advisory Board that consists of customers dedicated to helping you get better at what you do. They'll provide you with valuable and actionable insights into go-to-market strategy, provide guidance on product roadmaps, and give candid feedback about business operations, customer experience, and overall competitiveness.

1.3 Customer Roundtables

Customers are hungry to connect with their peers to share experiences and learn best practices. Those companies that provide the forum for customers to connect benefit from greater loyalty, higher revenue, and unique insight into customer needs and wants. Seventh Echo plans, manages, and facilitates customer roundtables that benefit both you and your customers.

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Bring Customer Stories to Life

2.1 Case Studies and Testimonials

The secret to a great customer advocacy strategy is fresh content. While a handful of case studies and references for new business are great, eventually they become old and customers become fatigued. Seventh Echo will work with your team to create a steady stream of customer stories and fresh references, from recruiting and interviewing customers and writing case studies, to developing a video library of customer testimonials.

2.2 Virtual Reference Library

Customer references are the lynchpin in closing business but are often difficult to come by. Our approach eliminates the pain and fatigue references often experience while providing prospects a library of on-demand references to answer questions and give them the confidence they need to close the deal.

2.3 Win-Loss Analysis

Understanding why you win and lose can help you do more of what makes you win, and change the things that lead to losing. We can help you gain invaluable insight into both wins and losses to help improve your win ratio.


Grow Customer Relationships

3.1 Extraordinary Customer Experience

What happens with your customers once they sign? Do they have an experience that sets them, and you, up for continued success? From onboarding to implementation to user adoption, do you have a consistent approach to making sure customers start off happy and stay that way? Seventh Echo will design a customer experience framework focused on your customers' entire journey.

- Customer Journey

- Customer Onboarding

- User Adoption Strategy

- Customer Success Framework

- Applied Net Promoter Score

3.2 Customer Marketing

In today's landscape growing your current customer footprint is faster, less expensive, and more profitable than adding net-new customers. Focused marketing and communications can keep customers engaged with you while providing opportunities for growth. We provide the strategy, content, and cadence to ensure your customer base is your fastest-growing target segment.

- Customer Communications

- New product introductions

- Best practices and success stories

- Cross-Selling Playbook

- Referral Programs