The Rule of Seven

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Great experiences create great advocates

Companies that nurture customer advocates outperform competitors by 85% in sales growth.

Customer advocates have never been more important.

We create great customer and employee experiences that lead to great advocates

Stronger relationships.

Compelling stories.

References, referrals, and recommendations.

Feedback loops to improve customer and employee experiences.

Tap into the Hidden Value of Your Customers and Employees

Powerful, Scalable & Measurable Advocacy.

Discover your best advocates, nurture and strengthen those relationships, and harness their stories to fuel growth.

What Grade Do You Give Your Customer Advocacy?

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Create an Amazing Journey

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Identify Advocates + Share Their Stories

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Grow Customer Footprint + Attract The Right Talent

“With an eye on both our business strategy and customer needs, Seventh Echo not only helped our customers but also strengthened our customer relationships and improved our Net Promoter Score.”

Pam Boiros, Chief Marketing Officer / meQuilibrium

Smarter Marketing

"Customer advocates are far more loyal and profitable than non-advocates." (Forrester)

Faster Sales

“Fully engaged” customers deliver a 23% premium over average customers in share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth. Only 13% of B2B customers are fully engaged.

Game Changing Innovation

Brand advocates are 83% more likely to share the information your leadership, your product teams and your prospects need.

Shareworthy Experience

91% of customers in advocacy programs felt more valued as a customer and 96% are willing to share their experiences. (Gartner)

Tap into your biggest competitive advantage today.

Learn how to harness your customer and employee stories to fuel revenue growth.

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Cost to bring a new customer up to the same level as a current one


Companies who don't know who their brand advocates are


Value of advocates vs. average customers. They spend more and purchase more frequently.

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