Silver Linings: Why NOW is the right time to get your customer stories straight

Silver linings

Every company, every employee, and every individual has been affected by COVID-19 in their own ways, some common and some unique. For some, work has increased dramatically, but for many it has either gone away completely or slowed dramatically. In any case, the prospect of taking on a new project or starting something new is the furthest thing from their minds.

And yet, we will emerge from the crisis and have the job of putting the pieces back together. For business, a big part of that equation is employee well-being and codifying a new norm, whatever that means for each company. Another critical component of restarting is finding a way to jump-start revenue flow (which, of course, is the lifeblood of any organization).

If one were so inclined, one might see a silver lining in this forced slow down. In fact, there may be many but the one I am referring to is the space and time to cultivate and shape the customer stories that are vital to sales and marketing. Take this time to craft the case studies that sales needs, cultivate references that prospects want, and to convene a Customer Advisory Board to help you navigate the best path forward coming out of this.

As we emerge from total shutdown every company in the world will be driving full bore to sell, sell, sell. And what sells better than customer success stories, word of mouth, and referrals?


Amid all of the chaos, uncertainty, and anxiety, take this time to develop the toolkit that will provide a competitive advantage and help jump-start revenue growth. Not only will it give you something positive to focus on but it will give your customers a reason to package and merchandise their accomplishments.