How Customer Advocacy Impacts Your Bottom Line (Webinar)


When most people hear “Customer Advocacy” they immediately think of case studies, references, word of mouth and other “Voice of the Customer” activities. No doubt those are important, but Customer Advocacy is about so much more.

It’s about accelerating revenue growth, competitiveness and customer loyalty. Patrick Rooney, CEO & Founder of Seventh Echo, a Customer Advocacy company, will provide an easy to use framework for how you can harness advocates to make a tangible, measurable and sustainable business impact.

Who should attend:

CEOs, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, sales leaders and Customer Success leaders

What you will learn:

  • The real business impact Customer Advocacy can have on your company
  • How different departments can benefit from Customer Advocacy
  • How to build the Customer Advocacy business case for sales, marketing, customer success and product development

Click here to watch the webcast.