The Rule of Seven

Powerful Customer Journeys Need Seasoned Tour Guides.

We make every step forward better.

Sustainable Customer Advocacy is far more than case studies and testimonials (although those are important, too).

The process starts way before that and requires an organized, structured approach you can scale.

Seventh Echo delivers exactly what you need to make sure you're maximizing the value of your customer advocates.

Assess. Create. Activate. Measure. Manage. Train & handoff.

So, where do we start?


Build the Foundation

At the heart of every successful Customer Advocacy engine is an aligned team with a clear understanding of what each function wants to achieve, how to put it in action, and how to measure impact. Developing a scalable foundation that aligns business needs with Customer Advocacy is central to what Seventh Echo does.

1.1 Articulate the Narrative

If you ask ten customers why they love you, you’ll likely get 10 different answers -- which may or may not be what you want them to say. We help you define the narrative you want customer stories to tell across case studies, testimonials, web copy and other sales enablement content. Ultimately, this becomes the true north for your messaging, consistently articulating what you want people saying about your company.

  • Crystalize and prioritize the messages to share
  • Provide the narrative arc for every story
  • Unify the team around a consistent voice
  • Proactively position ahead of competitors

1.2 Align the Team

Customer Advocacy means different things to different groups within the organization. Each has its unique wants and needs, and its own gauge as to what success looks like. We help you deliver value to every stakeholder and build a culture of customer advocacy by ensuring outcomes are tied to business success. During this phase everyone “gets on the same page". The output of this phase is an activation plan.

  • Align expectations, outcomes, metrics, and deliverables across sales, marketing, customer success, and product
  • Drive a culture of advocacy from the top down by identifying and training internal champions at the executive level
  • Craft leadership communications that reinforce your commitment to Customer Advocacy
  • Facilitate customer-service training

Activate Advocates

Once the team is on board and the narrative is set, it’s time to identify and activate the right customers to share their stories. Seventh Echo helps you identify your strongest recommenders, give them a structured way to share their input, and provide a simple framework to help them activate their voices.

2.1 Drive NPS:

"Would you recommend us?" is the simple yet powerful question of Net Promoter Score. Not only will it tell you who your advocates are but it will also highlight dissatisfied customers and at-risk revenue. Seventh Echo helps you measure customer satisfaction, identify advocates, gauge loyalty/turnover risks, flag unhappy customers and give you the chance to proactively course correct. We will set-up your NPS program, or help you recalibrate an existing program to ensure you’re getting the most actionable information.

    • Create, implement and manage a quarterly NPS program
    • Analyze quarterly findings and report to key stakeholders
    • Track and measure progress
    • Set up two-way customer feedback channels

2.2 Create a Customer Advisory Board:

Seventh Echo helps you create a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) full of brand champions willing and able to uncover insights into go-to-market strategy, provide guidance on product roadmaps, and give candid feedback about business operations, customer experience and overall competitiveness. During this phase, Seventh Echo sets up the program, identifies members and creates turnkey execution guidelines. Output from this phase is a closed loop CAB that ties feedback to action.

    • Develop program charter, objectives and KPIs
    • Identify and recruit CAB members
    • Plan, manage and facilitate CAB meetings
    • Capture takeaways, craft communications and ensure execution on next steps
    • Measure outcomes and summarize feedback

2.3 Activate Voice of the Customer:

The secret to a great customer advocacy strategy is keeping the content fresh. While a handful of case studies and references for new business are great, eventually they wear off. During this phase, Seventh Echo works with your team to maintain a steady stream of customer stories and fresh references, from recruiting and interviewing customers and writing case studies to developing a library of customer references. The output of this phase is a framework for content creation with a team who can execute.

    • Identify customers to share their story
    • Pre-interview team for context and framework
    • Interview customer
    • Develop and write content
    • Manage review and approval process
    • Align with sales, marketing and customer service for activation

Grow Relationships

Once customers are activated, it’s time to focus on strengthening those relationships so they continue to deliver value for the long term. Seventh Echo helps you creates the customer success framework and process to build lasting customer relationships that cultivate future advocates, grow revenue and reduce churn.

3.1 Design the CX Framework:

When most companies think of customer experience it refers to customer acquisition - the customer’s experience in the sales process. But what about when they really become a customer - after the ink dries? During this phase, we design a customer experience framework focused on the entire customer journey, not just their acquisition. Output from this phase is a repeatable framework your customer experience team can adopt quickly.

    • Customer onboarding
    • Ongoing customer communication
    • Customer feedback loop
    • Quarterly business review

3.2 Create Growth Programs:

Growing your current customer base is faster, less expensive and more profitable than adding net new customers, especially for companies that need to accelerate revenue growth. If you’ve hit a revenue plateau or raised a Series B and C, you need to figure out how to grow fast, profitably and sustainably. During this phase, Seventh Echo helps you harness your current customer base to drive revenue growth. Output from this phase are programs designed to help you expand your footprint with existing customers.

    • Footprint expansion strategy
    • Upselling/cross-selling strategy
    • Customer success team training and playbook
    • Referral program